Siemens Italia and Prelios Integra together for energy efficiency and the digitalization of buildings

Siemens and Prelios Integra are joining forces: the two Companies announce cooperation on digital technology projects for buildings, focusing on increasing the value of properties through energy savings and building performance sustainability.


8% of the total management costs of a building occur after it comes on stream and 40% of these costs are related to energy consumption. Siemens Italia and Prelios Integra will act together, providing energy efficient solutions based on innovative, cutting edge technologies.

Siemens and Prelios Integra will make their advanced technology solutions available to buildings, with the required engineering support, putting forward innovative ideas and effective financial solutions.


In addition, because Siemens is an Energy Service Company (ESCo) by virtue of its UNI CEI 11352 certification, Siemens and Prelios Integra are able to provide certified energy efficiency certificates guaranteeing results such as the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), ensuring energy savings throughout the life cycle of the investment and zeroing technical risks and financial charges.


In line with the aims set out in the National Energy Strategy (SEN 2017) 

encouraging initiatives for the reduction of primary energy consumption in the property sector, the agreement will include all utilities to reach the desired performance results at national level.


Under the agreement, Prelios Integra will act as project start-up and manager of overall and specialist engineering development for energy saving, by the preliminary analysis of consumption trends and the definition of the relevant parameters. As construction manager, Prelios Integra will handle every step of the project and act as the sole interface with the customer during implementation.

Siemens will provide support to the preliminary energy efficiency proposal – in line with the highest innovation standards – evaluating the most efficient financial solutions compatibly with market expectations.


“We are proud of this agreement, by which Prelios Integra will stand alongside Siemens in increasing property value through energy investment. The agreement matches up the unique experience of Prelios Integra in property management with the innovative leadership of Siemens in Energy Building Technologies, providing property owners and users with efficiency plans responding to the highest recognized standards” said Nicolò Tarantino, CEO of Prelios Integra


“We are very satisfied with the cooperation because we see Prelios Integra as a reliable partner with huge experience. For customers we will be even more competitive offering a unique, complete service” commented Fabio Del Prete, Country Division Lead Building Technologies of Siemens Italia


Prelios Integra S.p.A. is part of the Prelios Group and is the leading company in Italy in the sector of integrated property & building management, project & construction management, engineering, due diligence, urban planning & real estate advisory, as well as HSE, with 6 bn. euros of property value under management (and over 70 million square feet). With offices in Milan and Rome, Prelios Integra has a staff of 100 and works continuously with a network of over 500 service companies and professionals. 


The Building Technologies Division of Siemens focuses on the elements that optimize the management of the entire life cycle of buildings: energy efficiency, safety and sustainability.

For a building to be deemed “intelligent” it must be characterized by safety, comfort, energy saving, productivity, flexibility, service integration and environmental sustainability: this is what Total Building Solutions by Siemens provides.