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The Company, a leading servicer in the specialized management of problematic loans and part of an alternative asset management platform which is unique in the Italian market, represents a point of reference for investors interested in employing capital with expected returns in the medium term aligned with the risk of the Italian NPE asset class. The core activity of the Company is the management of portfolios of non-performing loans (NPL/UTP/PD), relating to both transactions on the primary market and on the secondary market, originating from financing contracts (resolved or unresolved) of a mortgage, unsecured nature and leasing, generally in the context of public and private securitization transactions.

The services provided are the following:

  • Advisor for the analytical due diligence and underwriting process of non-performing loan portfolios (NPL/UTP/PD) also including statistical assessment based on the multi-year historical series held by the Company;
  • Special servicing dedicated to credit recovery activities carried out with strong attention to out-of-court settlements and supported by a solid operational machine dedicated to the efficient management of judicial recoveries;
  • Master servicing pursuant to law 130/99 including the monitoring of any subjects sub-delegated for credit recovery activities;
  • Portfolio management to support and supervise the special servicing activity through a team dedicated to the active steering of the portfolios aimed at monitoring and analyzing performance with respect to the collection objectives and defining, in synergy with the special servicing team, any actions to be implemented to maximize the value of the credits managed.
  • Other activities:
    • Structuring of securitization vehicles, including any Reo.Co and Lease.Co or Reo.Co. and Lease.Co servicing in synergy with the other business units of the Prelios Group for what concerns asset management and real estate services;
    • Corporate servicing for securitization vehicles including any Reo.Co vehicles. and Lease.Co;
    • Master legal service to offer efficient management of legal activities relating to judicial debt collection.

Banks and other financial intermediaries

The Company presents itself as a reference partner and servicer to support credit institutions in defining and achieving the strategic objectives of optimizing their non-performing loan portfolios (NPL/UTP/PD).

Primarily through the management of outsourced credits, by virtue of ad hoc mandates or multi-year agreements of a revolving nature, necessary to segment the portfolio based on the different and best strategies to increase value of underlying credits and guarantees (i.e. hold, sell, repossess , etc...).

The Company is also able to provide support to banks in completing extraordinary derisking activities through the transfer of portfolios, even on a recurring basis, both to specialized investors and by proposing alternative solutions through the credit funds managed by the SGR of the Prelios Group.