Services for

Institutional Investors

  • Object: NPE portfolios, classified as NPL or UTP, secured / unsecured loans or loans deriving from leasing contracts (resolved or unresolved)
  • Portfolios can be originated by primary and secondary market transactions
  • Servicing activities: special servicing and master servicing (pursuant to Law 130/99), the latter including the monitoring of any subjects sub-delegated to the recovery activity, generally in the context of securitization transactions, with and without rating, in case of NPLs potentially backed by the GACS public guarantee on the senior tranche 
  • Due diligence / underwriting activities: NPE portfolios due diligence / underwriting including pricing and cash-flow estimation to support  both sellers or buyers
  • Portfolio management activities: Support and supervision of special servicing activities, through the portfolio management team, focal point towards investors, promoting active portfolio steering activities and interacting with the special servicing team, in order to define collection targets, monitoring performance, analyzing risks and opportunities
  • Other activities: the Company carries out:
    • Monitoring of any recovery activities delegated to "third parties" (sub-servicers)
    • Structuring of securitization vehicles, including any Reo.Co and Lease.Co
    • Reo.Co. and Lease.Co servicing in synergy with the other business units of the Prelios Group as regards asset management and real estate services
    • Corporate servicing for securitization vehicles including any Reo.Co. and Lease.Co
    • Master legal service

Banks and other financial intermediaries

The Company proposes itself as a partner of credit institutions to support them in the context of NPE credit deconsolidation transactions, also through the use of the GACS public guarantee (in the case of NPL portfolios)

Advisory activity: in the context of deleveraging transactions, advisor for vendor due diligence and servicer of the deconsolidated portfolio

Servicing activities: exclusive special servicing services as outsourcer through specific or multi-year mandates, including revolving ones