For any related disputes or complaints:

(a) the activity provided by Prelios Credit Servicing Spa as part of its institutional activity;

(b) the activity provided by Prelios Credit Servicing Spa for each of the special purpose vehicles for which it is agent (see list on the home page).

The Customer complaints management is delegated to the Complaints Office within the Legal Affairs & Legal Network Control Function of the Company.

Such disputes or complaints must be presented in writing and sent via:

  • registered mail at Prelios Credit Servicing SpA, Via Valtellina, 15/17 - 20159 MILANO;
  • ordinary e-mail address to:;
  • certified e-mail address to:;
  • filling the form on the website in Home> Contacts> Contact us by selecting the drop-down menu the topic: Complaints.

The complaint must contain, necessarily, the following:

  1. General (surname, first name, or company name and business name, address, telephone number - including mobile -, the tax code and, for individuals, even the place and date of birth);
  2. Identification of the claim in dispute;
  3. Subject of protest stating the reasons therefor;
  4. All documents and information relating to the dispute;
  5. Eventual request to be notified of the received claim.

Prelios Credit Servicing Spa notify, if required by claimant or by law, the date of the received claim and must respond to the complaint , within 60 days of receipt or communicate within this period the majority in receiving all the elements and provide final feedback.
Where the claimant is not satisfied with the responses, he will still have right of appeal to the Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF), an alternative dispute resolution system for customer complaints about banks and other financial intermediaries.

The conditions and operating procedures for submission of the application and for the functioning of the ABF can be found on the website of the same at
It is in any case possible to use, at all times, to the authority competent judicial authority.