Why Prelios

At Prelios we are absolutely convinced that every individual can bring significant value to our business, and we know there is a close link between well-being and our people’s engagement in contributing to the Group's results.

This is why we invest in the workplace climate, facilitating opportunities for knowledge-sharing and training to enhance employability and our employees’ general satisfaction.

When you join Prelios, you will be enrolled in one of Europe’s most prestigious Real Estate and Property Management training ships. Your voyage with the Group will begin with Prelios Journey, an on-boarding program introducing you to our multi-faceted organization and our distinctive skills.

We also invest in our employees’ continuous development, with on-going classroom-based, on-line and on-the-job updates covering the whole range of technical and managerial competences of fundamental importance to us.

Our core values are Initiative, Courage and Enterprise.

At Prelios, you will be working with experts in real estate finance, asset management, town planning, engineering, architecture and law, as well as with experienced professionals in important support functions ranging from Management Control to Human Resources and Information Technology.     

This means Engineering, Economics, Architecture and Law are our target degrees; but, in addition to a university degree, we are interested in commitment, in people who want to embrace our values and win with us.

Our Group is run with modern managerial systems and interfaces with the international community. So fluent English is a must.