CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

For the companies in the Prelios Group, safeguarding health, workplace safety, respect for the environment, social responsibility, and respect for and protection of worker dignity are core values that inform their activities.

This Policy reflects senior management's commitment to promoting understanding of objectives, awareness of results, acceptance of responsibilities and motivations among the Group’s employees and collaborators.

The operating principles and results to be targeted are:

  • to promote, respect and protect internationally recognized human rights;
  • to apply the Code of Ethics approved by the Board of Directors;
  • to protect the health and safety of workers, contractors and the community in the management, execution and development of Group activities, by promoting the realization of the person as an individual and as a member of society;
  • to protect the environment in which the Group operates, by ensuring that workers and contractors assume their responsibilities to the environment and pursue continuous improvement;
  • to promote responsible use of resources;
  • to put sustainability at the heart of the Group corporate culture as a key enterprise factor.

The Prelios Group complies with the principle of “Sustainable Development” and believes that by putting the principle into practice through this Policy, it contributes to ensuring conditions and tools for a better quality of life for the generations of today and tomorrow.

To achieve its objectives, in its various areas of activity Prelios undertakes to:

Implement and keep the Policy up to date, by reviewing it at regular intervals to ensure that it remains pertinent.
Meet legal requirements by complying in full with national and international health, safety and environment laws, standards and regulations.
Target continuous improvement and prevention, by:

  • identifying health, safety and environmental hazards in its activities and implementing measures to control the associated risks and eliminating or reducing the risk of accidents or occupational disease;
  • setting objectives, with reviews conducted at least annually of the results obtained and the formulation of new objectives for the purpose of continuous improvement;
  • promoting use of state-of-the-art technologies to achieve excellence in safeguarding worker heath, ensuring workplace safety and protecting the environment.

Respect worker rights, by safeguarding and enhancing its human resources, following the principle of equal opportunities in the workplace and promoting the professional growth of each worker, and by enhancing diversity by:

  • combating any and every practice that exploits labor and workers and denies worker rights in the pursuit of pure profit-making;
  • promoting continuous and effective attention to potential situations of worker exploitation by monitoring, among other situations, possible or potential crimes of unlawful intermediation and labor exploitation;

and by complying with labor laws, also with respect to the use of third-country workers.

Raise awareness and train workers so that they carry out work safely and assume their responsibilities, by:

  • organizing and maintaining initiatives designed to foster a health, safety, environment and social responsibility culture, in compliance with international standards, that engages all personnel;
  • assigning individual responsibilities and engaging all levels in the organization, ensuring that responsibilities and operating procedures are precisely defined, appropriately communicated and clearly understood;
  • informing and, where necessary, educating and training workers to follow operating procedures intended to safeguard worker health and safety and protect the environment, and requiring strict compliance with such procedures.

Communicate and circulate information about health, workplace safety, environment and social responsibility to the internal and external stakeholders:

  • actively cooperating with national and international academic and legislative bodies;
  • formulating and keeping up to date the necessary procedures to assess and select suppliers and sub-suppliers on the basis of their commitment with regard to social and environmental responsibility, protection of worker health and workplace safety, and informing them about the types of activity and measures adopted for prevention.

Responsibility for the management of health, workplace safety, respect for the environment and social responsibility concerns the entire corporate organization, from senior management to the individual worker, each with their own role and responsibilities.

This Policy is published and circulated to all Group companies, who are committed to compliance for the purpose of the continuous improvement of the Policy and its programs and to implementation of procedures, rules and instructions designed to ensure that the Policy values are reflected in the conduct of each company and in the conduct of their employees and collaborators.