Phoenix System

  • Management of non-performing loan portfolios, both for the initial due diligence and for subsequent recovery (judicial and extra-judicial).
  • Formulation of a judicial business plan including projected cash flows per loan, specifically:
    • Gross recoveries (A);
    • Legal and procedural costs (B);
    • Servicing fees, in line with market standards (C);
    • Net recoveries (A + B + C).
  • Management of complex debt positions (distressed positions with multiple mortgage loans, unsecured loans, guarantees, judicial and/or extra-judicial proceedings, etc.).
  • Management of cash inflows and recovery expenses, using Phoenix, the proprietary accounting and management system, for portfolios under management.
  • Management of reports from Centrale Rischi, the Bank of Italy's debt monitoring system, and of anti-money laundering compliance.
  • Link with the data warehouse for data analysis and report production.
  • Management of a user profiling system enabling internal managers to communicate in real time with external recovery networks (attorneys/law firms and real estate professionals), with guaranteed security, reliability and data privacy.

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