Prelios Integra’s mission is to offer specialized services covering the entire life cycle of a property: from the initial investment phase, to development, management and sale.

Through its corporate divisions, Prelios Integra operates in every sector of the real estate market to ensure optimum enhancement and management of property assets. Its global approach is designed to satisfy specific needs as they arise, while organizing the most suitable and targeted interventions.

Prelios Integra guarantees optimization of the real estate assets of:

  • Real estate funds
  • Financial institutions
  • Real estate corporations
  • National and local government
  • Developers
  • Owners and users of hospitality assets
  • Industrial & logistic assets
  • Oil & gas companies

Due Diligence

The Prelios Integra Due Diligence service verifies the current status of a real estate asset from a technical, administrative and legal standpoint, by conducting a professional documental assessment and a physical survey of the property with a view to a planned acquisition, management or enhancement process.

The Due Diligence process is divided into the following phases:

  • Documental audit: acquisition and evaluation of available information;
  • Physical survey and inspection: assessment of the exact size and acquisition of information on the property’s current legal, administrative, technical and regulatory status;
  • Critical analysis: preparation of a technical report indicating the adjustments required (regularization) in relation to the objectives of the client (buyer, seller, developer, etc.);
  • Adjustment assessment: preparation of a roll-out plan for updating, adjustment and regularization activities;
  • Capex estimate for each adjustment activity and indication of execution time;
  • Sales support: technical and administrative support during the sales phase through a technical and documental dossier (texts, acceptance, registrations, calendar of notarial deeds, etc.)

Non-conformities in respect of current regulations and adjustment requirements may emerge from a Due Diligence. In this case, Prelios is able to carry out specific regularization activities, scheduling activities, preparing and filing applications, closing pending administrative procedures.

Urban Planning & RE Advisory

The Prelios Integra Urban Planning & RE Advisory service offers multi-disciplinary advisory services to support the development, transformation, and enhancement of real estate assets.

The service, whose goal is to steer clients toward the best strategy to optimize their assets, is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Using geomarketing, data collection and analysis tools, they develop and design new business concepts through in-depth market surveys, national and international benchmarking, analysis of technical potential and financial feasibility.

Prelios Integra’s high-value-added specialized services in this area include:

  • Urban planning briefs
  • Topography
  • Urban planning/building due diligence
  • Highest & best use assessments
  • Pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies
  • Urban planning
  • Negotiations with public authorities and stakeholders
  • Permitting
  • Urban monitoring and property surveys

Health, Safety & Environment

Today, growing numbers of market players are devoting greater attention to health, safety, environmental and energy issues, in order to comply with increasingly stringent legislation and related sanctioning regimes, or to respond more closely to the needs of all stakeholders.

Prelios Integra supports clients in handling the HSE issues of their real estate portfolios during investment, divestment and/or management phases, helping them select the best strategic solution at sustainable costs. Services include:

  • Phase I environmental and feasibility due diligence;
  • Initial analyses, environmental and safety audits;
  • Phase II environmental due diligence/in-depth analyses of soil and hazardous materials;
  • Characterization plans, site-specific risk analyses and land reclamation projects;
  • Management of reclamation of contaminated sites;
  • Implementation of and assistance for the certification of environmental / safety / energy management systems and integrated management systems;
  • Assistance for LEED/BREEAM certification.

Energy Management

The reliability and risk limitation of investments in energy – a key investment area today – depend on the degree of availability of multi-disciplinary expertise.

The economy and engineering guide investment decisions, while management of the real estate assets guarantees results over time. The perfect integration of these competences ensures the outcome of energy-saving measures.

Prelios Integra’s commitment to supporting the real estate projects of its investors presupposes on-going upgrades to its asset management models.

To meet this need, Prelios Integra has created an Energy Management business line, whose team of specialists (energy certifiers, UNI CEI 11339 certified energy management experts, accredited LEED AP professionals) support and ensure the success of the investment.

Prelios Integra addresses the market as an Energy Advisor with expertise in:

  • analyzing energy scenarios;
  • overseeing technology decisions;
  • developing project engineering;
  • providing guidance on investment finance;
  • ensuring energy-saving measures.

Prelios Integra and Siemens Italia agreement

Prelios Integra and Siemens Italia have entered into a cooperation agreement on digital technology projects for buildings. The aim is to increase the value of properties through energy savings and building performance sustainability.

Under the agreement, Prelios Integra is responsible for project start-up and for general and specialized engineering relating to energy saving, through preliminary analysis of consumer trends and the definition of the relevant parameters. Prelios Integra also manages the entire project process, as the sole interface with the principal for the execution phase.

Siemens provides support in drafting the preliminary energy efficiency proposal (in accordance with the highest product innovation standards) and, in line with market expectations, assessing the most effective possible financial solutions.

In addition, thanks to Siemens’ status as an Energy Service Company (ESCo) with UNI CEI 11352 certification, Siemens and Prelios Integra are able to offer certified energy efficiency services to guarantee results, such as the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), ensuring energy savings through the entire life cycle of the investment and eliminating technical risks and financial charges.


Thanks to a methodological approach integrated with engineering services, Prelios Integra is able to work at the client’s side from the preliminary strategic investment decisions through to delivery of ready-for-use properties.

Backed by thirty years’ experience, its processes are designed for efficiency and rapidity, and are regularly updated to take account of the latest operating techniques. As a result, it offers effective, up-to-date tools not only in the creation phase but also during construction and subsequent management of the built assets.

Since 2014, Prelios Integra has also been an engineering company, offering the following services:

  • Integrated planning and permitting;
  • Executive and building design at the service of the building company;
  • Supply of the roles required by law: Site Manager, Safety Coordinator during the design and construction phase, Project Manager.

Project Management & Project Monitoring

Prelios Integra’s Project Management service covers all the activities required to conduct a real estate project:

  • Design coordination: guarantee of on-time delivery, in line with the budget and performance agreed with the client;
  • Construction management: coordination and supervision of activities at the construction site, and of the subcontractors and professionals required by law;
  • Project monitoring: technical control of construction site operations carried out by third parties, with checks on state of progress, compliance with works programs and correct fulfillment of contractual conditions.

General Contractor

The General Contractor service leverages Prelios Integra's project management expertise to ensure:

  • minimization of costs and time;
  • neutralization of risks;
  • guaranteed results.

With this service, Prelios Integra assumes full responsibility for on-time and on-budget delivery, as well as for all related risks. Any additional costs, except for variants requested by the client, as well as penalties for late delivery, are borne by the service provider.

Property & Building Management

The goal of Property & Building Management is to enhance the value of real estate investments through direct management of the administrative and technical aspects of real estate portfolios.

In a market context where attention to real estate management is at a peak, the Prelios Integra Property & Building Management service covers:

Administrative area

  • Contract management
  • Administration & accounting
  • Reporting and data transmission
  • Operating cost control
  • Tax management
  • Administrative sales support

Technical area

  • Responsibility for properties
  • Budget preparation and management
  • Planning of services and scheduling of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Liaising with owners and tenants
  • Occurrence reporting through innovative technological tools (e.g., ISM 1.0 software)
  • On-site inspections to monitor state of repair and assess regulatory compliance
  • Management of ordinary safety (Article 26, Italian Legislative Decree no. 81, and subsequent amendments) and extraordinary safety (Title IV, Italian Legislative Decree no. 81 and subsequent amendments)

ISM 1.0

In developing its offer of innovative building management services providing high added value, Prelios Integra has revolutionized its service delivery model with the release of ISM 1.0 (Integra Smart Management), an application- and app-based software platform that monitors maintenance work on any property in the company portfolio.

ISM 1.0 is extremely efficient and easy to use: as soon as someone connected with the building – the building manager or a tenant, for example – spots the need for maintenance work, they contact a call center, which immediately activates the supplier. From this point, the entire process is managed on the ISM 1.0 platform. The supplier can accept the job and, once they have completed the work, close the job simply by clicking a virtual button on their smartphone or tablet.

The new software developed by Prelios Integra offers many benefits: besides speeding up the maintenance process, it keeps track of the number of jobs performed on a building over a specific period, and guarantees a close check on the supplier's efficiency. The new application also provides equally important supplementary functions: request for assistance, or the possibility to take photos once the problem has been identified or resolved, and to store the photos in the portal archive.

Global Service

The Global Service concept comprises maintenance, management, organizational and planning activities to:

  • Preserve the value of a real estate portfolio and improve its energy performance;
  • Ensure constant and full usability of properties and the business activities carried out therein;
  • Guarantee compliance with laws and regulations on workplace health and safety and rational use of energy;
  • Limit occurrences of failures or functional anomalies, through careful monitoring and correct execution of maintenance plans.

The choice of Prelios Integra to provide maintenance services through a Global Service contract offers many significant advantages:

  • A single interface for all maintenance needs;
  • Streamlining of technical/administrative procedures and reduction of related costs;
  • Guaranteed results in terms of increased service level quality;
  • Guarantee of prompt intervention;
  • Improved satisfaction of clients and property users;
  • Guarantee of continuity and maintenance of the quality standard required by clients;
  • Use of innovative tools to meet client needs (e.g., ISM 1.0 software).