Life in Prelios

At Prelios, we encourage the valuable contribution that each person can bring to the team and we firmly believe in the correlation between professional results and personal well-being. It is for this reason that we invest in the internal climate, in opportunities for knowledge exchange, in training and employability and, in general, in the satisfaction of our colleagues.

The value of people and their well-being is central to us; in fact, we support all colleagues by offering a broad welfare system, which includes:

  • Healt coverage for oneself and for any spouses/depend children
  • Prevention services, occupational and non-professional accident policies
  • A one-off contribution to nurserey scholl fees for employees with children aged 0 to 3 years
  • Psychological support trought a digital platform accessible to all

Smart working is a well-established company practice; we have been pioneers in the application of agile working by introducing it in an experimental phase back in 2017. The smart working regulations are part of a more comprehensive relationship of mutual trust, based on everyone's responsibility in achieving the Group's objectives.

Training at Prelios is an essential tool for the development of our colleagues, who are identified as the true distinctive value of the company. For everyone, we promote the "Prelios Journey" path, with the aim of facilitating the onboarding of new entrants and encouraging them to learn about the Group's history, its market positioning and the declination of its activities with respect to the various businesses.

As part of a wider training offer provided through various formats and channels, there is a digital training platform available to all, which is continuously updated and can be used in an agile and fast way.