Corporate governance

Our Funds have an innovative corporate governance structure designed, on the one hand, to facilitate the active participation of unitholders in the SGR’s decisional process and, on the other, to ensure the visibility and transparency of the management activities. This structure consists of:

  • The Unitholders’ Meeting: attended by all the fund’s unitholders who vote on any proposed amendments to the fund’s regulations related to duration, purpose and the characteristics of the Fund, substitution, appoints the Chairman and the members of the Advisory Committee.
  • The Chairman of the Unitholders’ Meeting: elected by the unitholders, the Chairman ensures that all formalities related to the Unitholders’ Meeting are complied with.
  • The Advisory Committee: is appointed by the quotaholders and is comprised of independent* and qualified members (for listed funds). Prepares and presents non binding opinions on investment choices to the SGR.
  • Furthermore, the SGR’s Board of Directors must include independent directors* and there must be an Investment Committee comprised of independent experts with relevant experience in the real estate sector.

* Independent members are those members who meet the requirements for independent directors outlined in the Corporate Governance Code prepared by the Italian Stock Exchange’s Corporate Governance Committee for Listed Companies.