According to the sustainable approach used in its management, Prelios S.p.A. and the Companies of Prelios Group regulate the updating and revision of this Whistleblowing Procedure, in order to protect the integrity of the Prelios Group Companies, in the case of breach, suspected breach, incitement to commit breach and in any case of breach involving serious illegal conduct based on specific concordant facts, or breach of Organizational Model 231 adopted by the Prelios Group Companies, of which the Whistleblower has become aware in the course of his or her duties.

The Prelios Group intends to identify and combat all and any illegal conduct in order to ensure that the cornerstones of its governance system are based on principles of culture and legality and create a climate of transparency and feeling of involvement and belonging to the Prelios Group.

This Whistleblowing Procedure describes and sets forth the scope and the process to follow in order to Report any case of beach as set forth by the law applicable to Prelios Group Companies, in order to allow the Company Departments in question to confirm whether or not the Report is founded, and take any measures that may be necessary or required. This Whistleblowing Procedure is drawn up and issued in compliance with the provisions, inter alia, set forth by Law 179 of 30 November 2017 containing the “Provisions for the protection of the Whistleblower who reports offences or wrongdoing of which he or she may become aware in the course of his or her duties in a public or private employment relationship” directly applicable to all companies of Prelios Group.

The Whistleblowing Procedure also applies  to any breach of law or regulation, as well as of operating procedures, procedure, codes of conduct, policies, etc., adopted within the Prelios group.

Reports may be made through the Whistleblowing Portal that may be reached on the Web through the following URL: https://digitalplatform.unionefiduciaria.it/whistleblowing/default_new4.asp?LANG=ITA&token=PRELIOS.

The Portal is on a platform external to Prelios Group and guarantees that the user will remain anonymous; the technical data of the network or device used are not tracked, in order to ensure complete confidentiality.

The Whistleblowing Portal is accessible from PC and mobile devices, 24/7.

For more technical-practical information about the Whistleblowing Portal, please read the technical manual below attached.