Prelios Credit Servicing (PRECS) is Italy’s longest established operator in the non-performing exposures sector

PRECS has been the leading player in the non-performing exposures (NPE) sector for thirty years. It was founded in 1986 as SIB (Servizi Immobiliari Banche) and, thanks to a truly unique track record, has become one of the largest, most reliable and best-qualified independent platforms specializing in the management of non-performing loans, a genuine point of reference in the secured segment.

PRECS operates as an independent institutional financial intermediary registered on the Financial Intermediaries Register managed by the Bank of Italy, pursuant to art. 106 of Italy's Consolidated Banking Act (TUB). The company is also an authorized operator under art. 115 of Italy’s Consolidated Public Order Act (TULPS).

Over the years, PRECS’ senior management has built up extensive expertise in the management, recovery and value enhancement of non-performing loans, through involvement in major Italian securitization transactions.

as of 31.12.2021


Portfolio' gross book value

as Master Servicer, Special and Corporate Servicer, RON and Calculation Agent



RSS1- e CSS1- Fitch Special Servicer

Soundness and reliability confirmed by the positive valuations of the rating agencies



Above Average Standard & Poor’s

with assignment of 'positive outlook' as Special Servicer of residential and commercial mortgage loans, and as Master Servicer of residential and commercial mortgage loans and unsecured loans

Prelios Credit Servicing S.p.A. Via Valtellina, 15/17 - 20159 Milano C.F. e P.IVA 08360630159 Iscrizione Albo degli Intermediari Finanziari ex art. 106 T.U.B. (c.d. Albo Unico) n° 32993