Information to Directors and Statutory Auditors

Procedures for fulfilling the obligations of Article 150 (§1) of Legislative Decree 58/1998.

In accordance with art. 18 of the Articles of Association (which implements the provision contained in Article 150(1) of Legislative Decree 58/98 - TUF), the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors - except for cases when certain transactions or activities are submitted for the prior approval of the directors - are regularly informed or at least once every three months about the activities performed, the Company's general operating performance, its business outlook, and the most significant transactions carried out by the Company or its subsidiaries with an effect on its operating performance, capital structure and financial position, and about any transactions that are atypical, unusual or with related parties or nonetheless representing a potential conflict of interest, with all the necessary details provided to understand such transactions.
For the purposes of fostering organized reporting, the Company has adopted a set of specific guidelines since 2002 – as updated and supplemented over the years –  which define the rules to be followed for complying with the quarterly reporting obligations under Article 150 of the TUF.

These procedures have been revised regarding the Company’s mechanisms of governance.