Prelios SGR's mission is to be a strategic partner in investment decisions through distinctive asset management capabilities and integrated solutions for value creation

Prelios SGR was founded in 2003 and has a unique track record of success in real estate investment in Italy. It launched the first Italian private contribution real estate fund for retail investors, Tecla, and the first private contribution real estate fund for institutional investors, Cloe, in 2004.

The company, which is authorised and supervised by the Bank of Italy, is active in the promotion, establishment and management of real estate and private debt alternative investment funds and SICAFs (Società di Investimento a Capitale Fisso), separate accounts, and in advisory services to support leading national and international investors in their investment and asset management strategies in real estate and securities in Italy.

Traditional asset management activities through the structures of Real Estate Funds or SICAFs and integrated services, such as asset management and advisory mandates, make Prelios SGR one of the leading companies on the market through active and dynamic professional management of real estate assets, aimed at identifying for each property the best valorisation strategy according to consistency with the Client's general asset allocation and the possibility of creating value in compliance with the principles of environmental and social sustainability integrated throughout the investment process.

Starting in 2018, Prelios SGR obtained authorisation to extend its operations to debt funds. In this context, Prelios SGR now manages the main Italian multi-originator platform (among the first at European level), for the management of UTP credits with real estate underlying. The platform was created through collaboration with a pool of leading financial institutions for more efficient recovery of distressed positions, as well as optimal management of the underlying thanks to the Prelios group's experience in the sector.

The continuous search for innovation combined with the constant focus on traditional investments allows Prelios SGR to position itself among the market leaders also thanks to the trust of over 140 primary institutional investors, both Italian and foreign.

Prelios SGR today manages real estate and private debt investments, mainly for national and international institutional investors of high standing (including leading Italian private pension funds, public bodies, international institutional investors, banks, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds) and has developed considerable know-how in the sector in offering adequate and tailor-made services based on the needs of these types of investors, who require performance and service levels characterised by maximum transparency and efficiency of management and reporting processes.

The Company has developed high standards and controls in terms of governance, risk management and transparency, with high operational flexibility. Prelios SGR has obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification, issued by the international company IMQ, confirming its continuous commitment to represent an international best practice.