Unlocking full financial potential

Prelios Agency’s activities include consultancy for locating, purchasing, selling and renting property for commercial, residential, hotel, logistics and industrial purposes. Thanks to the vast experience of its teams of professional experts, Prelios Agency identifies the best opportunities available on the market, in any sector, and unlocks properties’ full financial potential. Its services range from analyzing client needs to monitoring the market, from managing negotiations to assistance during the contractual phase.

One-stop shop for an all-encompassing service

As an all-round service provider, Prelios Agency acts as a one-stop shop for various types of client: corporate organizations, public and private investors, international operators, Italian and foreign property funds.

With its strongly motivated and proactive team of highly qualified professional experts, and a widespread network of trusted agents operating across Italy, Prelios Agency is active in four distinct business areas: Residential, Institutional Leasing, Network Transactions and Capital Markets.

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