For the second time Prelios Valuations is the partner for the third edition of the National E-Valuations Conference “Property valuations. Real estate culture and market”

This year once again Prelios Valuations – one of Italy’s leading property valuers providing professional services with a high technology and innovation content – is to be a partner at the third national conference organized by E-Valuations “Property valuations. Real estate culture and market”.

The event, to be held on October 12, 2018 at the Mantua Chamber of Commerce, has established itself as a key meeting for property valuation professionals in Italy. This is reflected in the partnership with Prelios Valuations, a company in the Prelios Group, one of Italy and Europe's leading players in alternative asset management and specialized property services.

“We are proud of our collaboration with Prelios Valuations,” said Sandro Ghirardini, Secretary General of E-Valuations. “This partnership strengthens the credibility of our conference and demonstrates the high standing achieved by our events. We know it will lead to new professional opportunities and collaboration in the future.”

The speakers during the morning session will include Alessandro Pellegrini, Head of Loan Services Milan at Prelios Valuations. He will examine new technologies, the theme of the conference, with a paper entitled “The role of valuation companies and technologies in the age of Circular 285”, looking at the selection process, territorial organization and management software supporting current activities, as well as the innovative technologies for the valuation process and related opportunities for valuers. “Through collaboration with more than 800 expert professional valuers, Prelios Valuations combines local expertise with a data-driven approach based on the use of socio-demographic Big Data to ensure accurate valuations of the properties in question, be they performing or non-performing,” commented Alessandro Pellegrini. “Today it is more important than ever to use big data for valuations, concrete, measurable information that anticipates future market developments. Furthermore, for us the local property valuer is a valuable source of information and a reliable guide on trends in the property sector.”