Prelios Valuations: three-year agreement with Casavo for residential property surveys

Milan, September 16, 2019 – Prelios Valuations has been chosen to partner Casavo, Italy's first real estate Instant Buyer, under the terms of a three-year agreement for surveys on residential properties being considered for purchase and subsequent resale.

The strategic partnership leverages many synergies, starting with the primary role played by technological innovation in the two companies. In just two years, Casavo has built a solid position in the proptech sector as Italy’s leading platform for instant real estate purchases, with around 150 property transactions worth more than 30 million euro. For its part, Prelios Valuations is one of the top Italian property surveyors, with a twenty-year track record of more than 80,000 surveys/year and 650,000 statistical revaluations/year. A company in the Prelios Group, it has been active on the Italian property market for over 30 years with a suite of services covering the whole spectrum of real estate needs, in every phase of the economic cycle.

Casavo CEO and founder Giorgio TInacci said: “In the highly variegated and low-liquidity Italian real estate market, it was vital for Casavo to choose a partner who would guarantee survey quality without compromising on the rhythm and service levels consistent with our growth trend. To be able to offer owners a sure price in a maximum of two visits, it was important for us to have the support of a player like Prelios Valuations, with its proven property track record and virtually unique information warehouse.”

Prelios Valuations invests constantly in technological innovation to support its property surveys, using advanced analytics and property-cycle predictive models. Marco Giannantonio, senior vice president of Prelios Valuations Loan Services, said: “For us it is a privilege to collaborate with one of the most important first movers in the Italian proptech sector. To be chosen as the strategic partner of a company whose slogan is 'Maximum two home visits, one sure price, zero stress' is a recognition of the quality of our processes, which enable us to deliver more than 80,000 surveys a year to the banking and corporate sectors.”