Prelios SGR: Fico Eataly World among the finalists for the Mipim Awards 2018

Milan, 05 February 2018 – The FICO Eataly World project, financed by Prelios SGR via the PAI (Italian Agribusiness Parks) Fund and managed by Eataly World, is one of the finalists of the MIPIM Awards 2018.


Sponsored by CAAB, Eatalyworld and Prelios SGR, and with leading Italian institutional investors participating - FICO Eataly World – is the only Italian project to feature as one of the four finalists in the “Best Shopping Centre” category of the MIPIM Awards, which were sponsored by the leading international real estate exhibition (Cannes, 13-16 March 2018). This category honors the best shopping centre, commercial park and outlet able to provide a unique experience through new technology, excellent services and cutting edge architectural features.


Inaugurated for the general public on 15 November last year, FICO Eataly World is the largest agribusiness park in the world, occupying over 10 hectares and featuring the wonders of Italian biodiversity.

Designed to be the reference point in the sector for the promotion, teaching and a better understanding of the Italian agri-food industry through the reconstruction of leading supply chains from field to fork, FICO Eataly World aims to be a permanent showcase for excellence in the sector. In its first month and a half, confirming the worldwide interest it generated, the park was visited by over 500 thousand people and achieved a turnover of approximately 9 million euros.



“It is an honour to be one of the finalists for the MIPIM Awards in the Best Shopping Centre category with FICO Eataly World” – said Andrea Cornetti, Director General of Prelios SGR“A project made possible by the promotors – CAAB as leader, and Prelios SGR as Fund manager – investors and resources which, via the property fund, were able to channel investment into a non-conventional sector. In terms of private quota holders, a leading role is being taken by social security and pension funds, among the first to understand the potential of the project in financial terms and for the relaunch and support of the agribusiness, one of the sectors that should drive the resurgence of the real economy in Italy. The experience of PAI is therefore proof of the innovative nature of the investment products of the property fund through its ability to channel the interest of public and private institutional investors, impacting positively on one of the most significant sectors of the economy.”


Created in 1991, the MIPIM Awards are world famous as a property competition promoted by MIPIM, the largest real estate fair in the world, which takes place in Cannes from 13 to 16 March 2018. The winners will be announced during the ceremony at the Grand Auditorium del Palais des Festivals in Cannes next 15 March.


With 32 funds managed, of which two umbrella funds, and Assets under Management amounting at 30 June 2017 to about 4 billion euros, Prelios SGR is one of the leading property investment firms in Italy. Its activities still include the management of conventional funds, a strongpoint for the company, but in recent years Prelios SGR has entered new market segments with innovative products in experimental sectors such as initiatives supporting the territory and to relaunch the country, and the market of non-performing bank assets.