Prelios Organises Its "Kids at the Office" Day On Friday, 26 May

Milan, 23 May 2017 Prelios is participating in the 23rd edition of the event Kids at the office with Mum and Dad, supported by Corriere della Sera - L’Economia, in which more than two hundred companies in different fields, from all over Italy, participated last year.

Next Friday, 26 May the Prelios Group will open the doors of its offices in Milan and Rome to the children of their employees to show the kids where their parents spend the day when they are away from home.

The children will not only visit the offices together with their parents, and have a snack together, but will also participate in the activities on the theme of solidarity that Prelios has organised for them together with several No Profit Associations.

In Milan, children between the ages of 3 and 7 are sure to enjoy the artistic and creative workshops held by the art-therapists of the G. e D. De Marchi No-Profit Foundation, that since the 70s has been caring for children who suffer from serious chronic diseases, at the Marchi Children's Hospital in Milan. On the other hand, children between the ages of 8 and 14 will take part in the digital identity workshop run by the Icaro ce l’ha fatta No Profit Association in Milan, that was founded to raise awareness in young people on how to “stay online”.

In Rome, an exciting magic and juggling show has been organised for the younger children, with actors from the Soccorso Clown Onlus, the first hospital clown service in Italy, while the older children will attend a seminar on network awareness and security organised by the volunteers of Libreitalia, an association incorporated in 2014 to support digital freedom and the informed use of technology.

Lara Carrese, Group Human Resources and Organisation Director at Prelios, had this to say: «We are proud to participate, for the first time, in an event that we consider to be important in terms of social responsibility and awareness, through which we want our children to associate a place to when we say to them “I'm going to the office”. Planning not just a snack for them, but two ad hoc events for small and not so small children, was our way of thanking them for their patience when we have to take business calls over the weekend, or for the emergencies that make Mummy or Daddy come home late from work at night. The fact is that today we live in an economic context where there is no longer a clear dividing line between our private and working lives. Finally, again on the theme of social responsibility, we wanted to give snippets of awareness to our older children, who are starting to surf the fascinating roadways of the web and social networks that may however hide dangers, if children are not appropriately prepared»