Prelios joins the Mia-Platform Marketplace

July 13, 2023 – Prelios, the leading Italian player in alternative asset management, credit servicing and specialized property services, has joined the Partner Program of Mia-Platform, an Independent Software Vendor that is bringing to market the world’s first Digital Platform Builder for development of cloud-native digital platforms and applications.

Under the partnership, Prelios’ innovative services are now available on the Mia-Platform Marketplace, a catalog of ready-to-code modular re-usable software components (including several components for specific industries), for faster and cheaper development of new digital services and applications.

“For Prelios, collaboration with Mia Platform and Mia-FinTech is a first-time contribution to the creation of a cloud platform of services for financial organizations, which we think could lead to a significant change in the ways service providers work with corporate clients,” said Mauro Cavagna, Chief Technology & Processes Officer at the Prelios Group and CEO of Prelios Valuations. “In order to publish a service, we had to undertake a small internal transformation to re-design the way our services are used from a self-service standpoint and strengthen our development and operations factory. We are pleased with the result and now look forward to receiving feedback from the community before going on to publish other services.”

Specifically, Mia-Platform clients will have access to the Prelios Group’s pREmium valuation system, an automated valuation model for the real estate sector that supports the entire credit process – for performing as well as distressed loans – enabling individual property units to be valued as whole real estate portfolios through a statistical approach.

Using Prelios Group databases and external sources, pREmium valuation also provides a detailed value-return analysis of the area in which the properties it is examining are located.

“Thanks to our complementary capabilities and synergistic approach, we are ready to develop innovative solutions with Prelios that optimize performance, mitigate risk, and generate long-term value for our clients. By combining our market expertise and excellent technological solutions, we can create a simple, fluid user experience that enables clients to create new digital services and products faster and more cost-effectively,” said Mia-FinTech CEO Bruno Natoli.