Prelios Integra Launches ISM 1.0 The New Software to Make Building Maintenance More Efficient

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Milan, 17 October 2016 - Prelios Integra, as part of its move to strengthen the commercial offering in building management services, has decided to revolutionise the service delivery model by launching ISM 1.0 (Integra Smart Management), a software platform that allows for the monitoring of maintenance activities of any building within the company’s portfolio through an application and an app. 

It is extremely efficient and simple: from the moment any person who normally accesses a building, such as a building manager or tenant, for example, feels maintenance is necessary, they can contact the call centre which will immediately activate the supplier. From this point forward, the entire process is managed through ISM 1.0 The supplier may accept to intervene and, once the fault has been resolved, close the intervention by simply clicking a virtual button on their smart phone or tablet.

The new software developed by Prelios offers several advantages. In fact, apart from speeding up the process, it also keeps track of the number of maintenance interventions at a building over a given period thereby guaranteeing that the supplier’s efficiency is strictly monitored. Also, the new application has a series of ancillary functions which are no less important: like a service request or the possibility, upon finding or resolving a fault, of taking photographs and archiving them along with the documentation already stored on the portal.

Nicolò Tarantino, Managing Director of Prelios Integra commented: “the innovation in ISM 1.0 lies in its versatility and its ability to prove the efficiency that it can guarantee to all those involved in the process. With the introduction of tools like ISM 1.0 our Group aims to consolidate its role as an innovative player in the real estate service provider market”.