Sergio Cavallino: Prelios Group pays close attention to ESG principles for sustainability, corporate climate, gender gap

“Italy's entrepreneurial fabric consists of large numbers of SMEs, whose business may be very healthy, who are perhaps dealing with a temporary working capital problem but are unable to access liquidity.” Prelios Group CFO Sergio Cavallino was being interviewed by Gabriele Capolino, director and associate editor of MF Milano Finanza, during the Tax Advisory Summit organized in Milan by Milano Finanza, ItaliaOggi, Class CNBC and ClassAgorà. “So today it is increasingly important to flank the banking system with tools to channel this money to companies that can be rescued. The issue has a huge social and sustainability impact.” The debate focused on these questions. “At the Prelios Group we pay great attention to ESG principles in relation to sustainability, corporate climate, gender gap,” said Cavallino. “Thanks to an important influx of young professionals over the last three years, and our strategic actions – our support for the PWN-Professional Women’s Network is an example – we can safely say that we are fully committed to gender equality. We invest a great deal in training, and we work closely with the main universities through projects, laboratories and courses covering the areas in which our businesses operate. And every year we intensify our corporate welfare offer in favor of the Work-Life Balance, an important lever to support our growth in a sustainable and responsible fashion. It was no coincidence that in 2021 Prelios was certified as a ‘Great place to work’”.

As regards credit management, the Prelios Group CFO said “ESG issues have great significance. The focus has shifted from NPLs to UTPs, and management of the latter means working out how to put companies classified as ‘unlikely to pay’ that are no longer creditworthy back on a performing basis. In the last 24 months, we have put more than 500 companies back on their feet, with their employees, families, suppliers, communities, and players in allied industry.

Finally, in the original Prelios business, real estate, there is a great need for improvement and urban redevelopment. You have to be good at creating investment products for local and above all international investors, which have a positive energy efficiency impact for real estate in Italy and all the main facets of the E in ESG. Nor must you forget the social element of developing inclusive urban redevelopment projects that consider young people and the disadvantaged, and new lifestyle needs.”

Click on the link for the video of the debate with Sergio Cavallino, Daniele Lucherini, CFO of D-Orbit, and Giancarlo Veltroni, Vice President of ANDAF - Associazione Nazionale Direttori Amministrativi e Finanziari: