Prelios Valuations at Proptech Europe, the exhibition on the technological and digital future of real estate

Real estate and technology: how can they evolve together to transform and manage real estate properties? How can technology support decision-making processes and the management of a proper as an asset and investment?

These are the topics on the table of the "Developers & Investors: reviewing to ensure up-to-date building" conference, one of the meetings organised at Mipim PropTech Europe (Palais des Congrès di Parigi, 20 and 21 June 2018). PropTech Europe is the first European edition of the show on the technological and digital future of real estate, and is promoted by Mipim, which has been organising the real estate industry’s largest exhibition in the world for 29 years.

Luke Brucato, head of Prelios Valuations business development, was a conference panel member. “Mipim PropTech accurately reflects the state of the art of the technological innovation in real estate. There are many pieces of the puzzle on the table, but still without a total defined image,” he said. “If we take the three innovation categories outlined by Prof. Clayton Christensen of the Harvard Business School as reference, namely incremental, breakout or disruptive innovation, we see a scenario in which most of the proposals on the market are incremental, meaning they aim at improving already existing processes and services, business needs being equal. Disruptive innovations instead depict new services that revolutionise processes and methods of use.”

The range of advanced technologies for real estate showcased by PropTech Europe is very extensive: big data, artificial intelligence, information analysis, blockchain, virtual reality, robotics, the Internet of Things. The Paris exhibit attracted over 1,500 participants, 1,000 companies coming from 40 countries and over 100 speakers taking part in a full programme of conferences and seminars.

"From the Prelios Group’s point of view, we are firmly convinced that growth of the Italian real estate sector must, by necessity, cross through a technological innovation process, even of the disruptive type,” said Giampaolo Corsini, CEO of Prelios Valuations, on the occasion of the event. "We started off from the real estate appraisals, and we were innovators in integrating socio-demographic big data and predictive models with the new Premium platform, but we aren’t stopping there.  We are bringing technological innovation also into the services offered by the other companies of our Group. The approach is to share the incomparably vast wealth of real estate data collected in over 30 years of Prelios’ leadership in Italian real estate to both improve the existing services and to bring totally innovative solutions to the market.”