Nicolò Denaro at Class CNBC: Italy a very attractive real estate market

“We had a very positive first quarter.” Nicolò Denaro, Head of Real Estate Acquisition & AM at Prelios SGR, was speaking at the Class CNBC “Rapporto Immobiliare” special presented by Annabella D’Argento with journalist  Sergio Governale, who writes for  MF Milano Finanza. “In 2021 the Italian real estate sector showed growth of 9% compared with 2020. Investments in commercial real estate were up by 9.7 billion euro, above the average of the last five years,” Denaro added. “Of the total, 75% came from international investors and Italian capital accounted for 25%. There was certainly a ‘Draghi effect’, which gave investors a sense of security and brought stability, which is encouraging.” In the opinion of Nicolò Denaro, who was in the Class CNBC studios together with Giulio Licenza, Co-Founder & CBDO of REVIVA, attention needs to be paid to the “inflationary wave triggered by the war in Ukraine and the rise in commodities prices, which will also have repercussions on the real estate market. But the outlook is certainly positive. Investors are looking mainly at three asset classes: logistics, residential and offices. Italy is a very attractive market: risks being equal, better margins can be achieved compared with other European countries.”

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