Milan, 29 August 2012 - Prelios S.p.A, while deploring the improper disclosure of confidential information regarding the work of its Board, wishes to underline that the financial results for the first half were approved by the entire board - with Davide Malacalza's the sole contrary vote - on the supposition of the company continuing as a going concern, as stated also in a press release yesterday. This was recognized by both the Audit Committee and the auditing company Reconta Ernst & Young.In particular, the auditors confirmed with their report the appropriateness of the adoption of the supposition of the Company continuing as an ongoing concern, taking into account the totality of information available to the Company and the impact on its evolution that the expression of interest in an industrial partnership received from two primary investors might have.The Prelios Company, in conclusion, underlines that these elements were constantly monitored during management's periodic meetings with internal auditors and the auditing company as well as with the Internal Checks Committee.