Prelios SGR: work begins on the Porta Vittoria public park

Milan, September 18, 2020 – Work has begun on the new Porta Vittoria public park. Following certification by the Metropolitan City authority of the completed remediation of the area and the release by the City Council to Prelios SGR S.p.A. of the necessary building permits, operations are now underway for the creation by the spring of 2021 of a new park in central Milan.

The park is part of the Integrated Intervention Program (IIP) for the redevelopment of the former Porta Vittoria railway yard. In September the closing remediation activities will be completed and the technical structures on the site will be demolished. This will be followed, starting in the second half of October, by altimetric modeling, the installation of underground technical plant, the laying of topsoil on which bushes, trees and grass will be planted and the creation of pathways, play and leisure areas.

Alessandro Busci, Head of Fund Management at Prelios SGR, said: “We are proud to have met our commitments with Milan's City Council and residents by beginning work on the park before the end of the summer. Operations are now underway for the creation of the park and the final urbanization works, including a pedestrian and cycle path. Our goal is to provide the city with a fully equipped 40,000 square-meter green lung as quickly as possible, providing a natural continuation of the gardens in Largo Marinai d’Italia.”

The project is one of the urban development works envisaged by the IIP, which also includes the construction of residential and office buildings, as well as hospitality and commercial premises.