Prelios SGR: redevelopment of Rome's Piazzetta Morgagni completed

Rome, April 13, 2022 – A new inclusive and sustainable urban space linking the three buildings that make up the office complex in Via Morgagni 30, Rome, owned by the Fedora Fund managed by Prelios SGR, in which EPPI, the pension body for industrial technical experts, whose offices are housed in the complex, is an investor.

This is the new Piazzetta Morgagni, officially opened on Saturday April 9, which has undergone a major redevelopment planned and promoted by the Fedora Fund, with the support of the EPPI: an example of circular sustainable redevelopment, with a distinctive and esthetically appealing architectural personality, that has restored an area to the Nomentano District and the city of Rome.

The design approach adopted for the project focused not only on relational questions but also on an analysis of the energy, environmental and sustainability benefits for the purpose of environmental sustainability. In fact, the complex will use renewable energy from photovoltaic sources to ensure the energy self-sufficiency of the mechanical and electrical plant serving the public space.

Prelios SGR CEO Patrick Del Bigio said:The redevelopment of Piazzetta Morgagni is an important refurbishment of the Fedora Fund, with a dual benefit: on one hand it requalifies and reorganizes the urban space between the buildings, so that it can be used by the community as a new meeting place; on the other it further improves the architectural quality of the complex, guaranteeing high efficiency standards. The project is part of a broader range of redevelopments promoted by Prelios SGR on the assets of the alternative investment funds it manages, and demonstrates our company's leadership in property requalification and repositioning.”

EPPI Chair Valerio Bignami said: “For the pension fund for industrial technical experts, the redevelopment project for Piazzetta Morgagni, implemented through the Fedora Fund managed by Prelios SGR, is intended as a demonstration that the principle of circularity, a now indispensable parameter against which all our systems, economic and other, have to be measured, can be made concrete and feasible. Thanks to the positive results achieved with the redevelopment of Piazza Morgagni, which houses the offices of the EPPI, the resources and expertise of self-employed Industrial Technical Experts have, through their pension fund, been valorized for the benefit of the community.”

Maurizio Veloccia, Rome City Councilor for Urban Planning, said: “This square is an example of how constructive cooperation between the public and private sectors can create beauty, redevelopment and sustainability. I think it is important to emphasize that although the square has been redeveloped by private players, it is perceived as a public space that has been returned to the community in a more attractive and functional form than before. I believe this is very important: Rome is at last making a recovery thanks to a re-found synergy and the belief of the private sector. And the new Piazzetta Morgagni proves it.”

Francesca Del Bello, Chair of the Rome 2 Municipal Council, said: “This is a valuable project, which has restored beauty and quality to an urban space. The requalified Piazzetta Morgagni is once again a meeting place for everyone, ecologically sustainable and with attention paid to the smallest details. Over the coming months, the Council will organize cultural events for all residents to contribute to the vitality of this space.”

The Piazzetta Morgagni redevelopment was designed by architect Thomas Bartoli, who was responsible for the architectural project and oversaw artistic management. The original project for the complex, built in the 1960s, of which the square is an element, was by architect Venturino Ventura.