Prelios SGR: Lonigo Distribution Center in the province of Vicenza real estate transaction completed

Milan, Sept. 08, 2023 - Prelios SGR, an asset management company of the Prelios Group, has concluded - through the Eos Fund - a major real estate transaction involving the development, sale and lease of the Lonigo Distribution Center, located in Lonigo, in the province of Vicenza. 

Completed in July 2023, Lonigo Distribution Center is a state-of-the-art logistics center that includes dedicated storage spaces spanning 44,400 square meters illuminated by strip windows, with a total of 46 double-front loading bays. In addition to modern offices and locker rooms, there is also a security guard service, 14 truck parking lots and 94 car parking lots.

The logistics center ensures high standards of quality and sustainability thanks to the LEED Gold certification it has obtained. Lonigo Distribution Center is strategically located near both the A4 highway, which provides coverage of the northeast area of Italy, and the Brenner Corridor, a real connection to the rest of Europe.

The transaction, which involved Prelios SGR and the Tonon Group, resulted particularly interesting for logistics operators since the first stages of development, making it possible for Bracchi Srl, a logistics multinational based in the Bergamo area, to sign the lease. 

Alessandro Marrese, Asset & Development Management Director at Prelios SGR, says: “We strongly believed in this transaction, developing a major platform for our customers. This extraordinary result would not have been achieved without all the hard work carried out by our SGR supply chain, from spotting the opportunity to its execution. We are very pleased with how quickly the relationship with Bracchi, a very important entity, developed and that we were able to put in place all our professional skills to achieve our goal”.

The pro-active involvement of the Investment Properties and Landlord Representation teams and of CBRE Italy's Industrial & Logistics department certainly contributed to the success of the transaction.