Prelios SGR joins Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners on the SeiMilano development project

Milan, July 29, 2021 – Prelios SGR, Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners are launching a new investment platform, Ariadne SICAF, held by Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners and managed by Prelios SGR.

The platform has been created through the transformation of Proiezioni Future S.p.A. into a fixed-capital investment company or “SICAF”. Proiezioni Future was established by Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners for the SeiMilano investment and urban regeneration project, under which a 330,000 sq.m area between Via Calchi Taeggi and Via Bisceglie will be developed into an innovative new multifunctional district implementing latest-generation environmental sustainability standards and set in an attractive and fully serviced park.

Sei Milano

Ariadne SICAF will be managed by Prelios SGR, who will run the SICAF and coordinate and supervise the development project and related marketing activities.

Designed by the Mario Cucinella Architects architectural firm and the Michel Desvigne international landscaping practice, SeiMilano offers a new approach to residential living, working and lifestyle in terms of comfort and well-being, security and eco-sustainability, with exempt and social housing for a total of approximately 1,000 units, 30,000 sq.m of offices and around 10,000 sq.m of commercial functions strategically placed to promote integration with the residential areas by creating commercial plazas for leisure and shopping. A “garden city” based on an urban development model that fosters a close symbiosis between architecture and nature.

Borio Mangiarotti CEO Edoardo De Albertis commented: “We are excited to be involved in one of the largest residential developments underway in Milan, an innovative urban regeneration project involving a team of outstanding operators and institutional investors who reflect the prestige of the initiative and its prospects.”

Prelios SGR CEO Patrick Del Bigio said: “Once again Prelios SGR is the choice for investors on the Italian real estate market thanks to its wide experience in complex and innovative operations. SeiMilano takes its inspiration from the ESG and sustainability principles of which Prelios SGR is a proud supporter and is an important step in the redevelopment of a large area in West Milan, which will establish a chain of urban parks in the Milan area with a view to creating a new eco-sustainable lifestyle approach for the benefit of the community.”

The investment was completed with the assistance of the Gianni & Origoni firm on all regulatory, banking and real estate questions, Cappelli RCCD on all corporate and M&A questions, and Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici with regard to the fiscal aspects of the operation.