Prelios SGR finalizes contribution of a real estate portfolio worth more than 200 million euro to the Aurora Fund

Prelios SGR, the Prelios Group asset manager, has finalized the contribution to the Aurora Fund of a series of properties with an overall value of more than 200 million euro.

The real estate portfolio was transferred from the pension fund for personnel of the ex Banca di Roma.

Most of the properties are in Rome and include the iconic ex Banca di Roma building in Viale Tupini 180 in the EUR district. With ten above-ground stories offering a unique panoramic view, and an overall gross surface area of 48,000 square meters, the site will undergo an extensive innovative refurbishment involving a full renovation of the building and surrounding gardens. The renovation project will deliver the highest levels of efficiency, sustainability and usability, to meet the standards and expectations of national and international tenants and will be perfectly aligned with Rome’s stringent requirements as a city of historic interest.

Prelios SGR CEO Patrick del Bigio said: “This transfer consolidates Prelios SGR’s leadership among the main real estate asset managers active in Italy, and in the pension-related investment area. Furthermore, with its focus on Rome, the operation enables the Aurora Fund to complete its investment strategy through a significant asset enhancement and repositioning drive.

The operation also consolidates the Prelios Group’s presence in the value-added development business.”

Prelios SGR was assisted by Prelios Integra and Abaco S.p.A. for the technical due diligence, and by Legance - Avvocati Associati for legal, administrative and tax questions