Prelios Integra: second phase in Collegio San Carlo project in Milan

Milan, July 25, 2018Prelios Integra, a company in the Prelios Group and Italy's leading provider of integrated services for real estate, has begun the second phase in the renovation of the historic Collegio San Carlo complex located in central Milan, in Corso Magenta.

The new work focuses on the basement of Palazzo Busca, in Corso Magenta 71, and the above-ground floor of the San Carlo sports center in Via Zenale 6.

In the basement area – a currently unutilized surface of 600 square meters – the project managed by Prelios Integra involves the creation of an aula magna, leisure areas/atrium, rooms for faculty, secretarial offices, an archive and service rooms. Existing elements of historic importance will be preserved, from the barrel-vaulted and pavilion-vaulted ceilings to the distinctive masonry of the brick and plaster walls, which attest to the work carried out over the years in Palazzo Busca, a listed building adjacent to the Santa Maria delle Grazie complex.

The purpose of the redevelopment on the above-ground floor of the Collegio San Carlo sports center, an area of approximately 300 square meters, is to modernize and improve the changing rooms and the center’s service areas.

Between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, Prelios Integra's Engineering & Project Management Division was involved in the conservation and restructuring work on buildings B and C of the Collegio San Carlo complex.

 “We are particularly proud of the work we are carrying out at the Collegio San Carlo, a prestigious historic site in Milan, next to Santa Maria delle Grazie,” said Prelios Integra CEO Nicolò Tarantino. “The structural consolidation of the Collegio buildings, the extension and renewal of the functions of the various spaces and, at the same time, the conservation of all the historic and artistic features of a listed building represent a challenge we shall successfully complete thanks to our multidisciplinary approach. The work on the Collegio San Carlo involves town planners, restorers, architects, structural and plant engineers, all coordinated by a single works director in compliance with leading Project Management standards.”