Prelios Integra receives a Property Management mandate from Serenissima SGR

Milan, June 25, 2020 – Prelios Integra, the Prelios Group company that manages real estate on behalf of large public and private property players, has been awarded a Property Management mandate to run the properties of the Sansovino Fund managed by Serenissima SGR S.p.A..

The Fund consists largely of properties to be valorized for trading deals or during development, with multiple intended uses: commercial, residential, offices, hotels, industrial/services, infrastructure. The overall value amounts to more than 160 million euro, for a surface area totaling over 600,000 sq.m.

Corrado Sensale, Director Property Management at Prelios Integra: “We are very pleased to have received this mandate. The new contract, our first with Serenissima SGR, consolidates Prelios Integra's leadership on the Property Management services market, and confirms us as the ideal partner for high-standing clients, providing unique services with outstanding professional content based on specific needs.”

Prelios Integra, leader in Italy with over 8 million square meters under management, will take on the role of strategic partner of Serenissima SGR to assist it with all the specialized services covering the entire life cycle of the real estate product, according to a global tense approach to meet specific needs in order to provide the most appropriate and targeted interventions.