Prelios Integra receives new administrative management mandates from the Lactalis Italia Group

Prelios Integra, the Prelios Group company that manages properties for large public and private real estate operators, has been awarded a new administrative management mandate by the Lactalis Italia Group, the leader in dairy products in Italy.

Under the new agreement, which relates to the assets of Parmalat and Centrale del Latte in Rome, as well as those owned by SATA, another Parmalat subsidiary, Prelios Integra becomes administration provider for the real estate assets of the Lactalis Italia Group, confirming the long and fruitful partnership between the two organizations.

Prelios Integra – Italy's leading provider of property management services in terms of surface area, with more than 8 million square meters under management – will guarantee the full cycle of administrative services for the Lactalis Italia Group on all leased properties, including manufacturing facilities, offices, logistics and distribution centers, residences and agricultural land.

“We are very proud of the new agreement with the Lactalis Italia Group, which confirms the quality of the services we have provided so far under our current mandates,” said Paola Mariotti, Prelios Integra Portfolio Manager. “Prelios Integra builds the loyalty of its clients through the quality of its services. We continue to confirm our position as a partner offering unique services with a high professional content to cover the full real estate life cycle, as part of a global approach designed to satisfy the client's specific needs and deliver the most appropriate action.”