Prelios Integra obtains UNI ISO 37001 anti-corruption certification

Milan, 29 August 2019Prelios Integra, a Prelios Group company, has obtained Antibribery Management Systems certification under UNI ISO 37001, the first international standard on anti-corruption management systems.

The certification, issued by RINA – a leader in global certification – demonstrates Prelios Integra’s focus on compliance and, specifically, the company’s commitment to implementing a management system designed to prevent and combat corruption. Standard UNI ISO 37001, first published in 2016, provides companies and organisations with advanced management standards and effective measurement tools to prevent and deal with corruption, establishing a culture of integrity, transparency and legality.

Adhering to this new standard adds to the ways Prelios Integra can declare itself compliant in relation to the prevention of corruption and demonstrate that it has taken preventive measures deemed reasonable and proportionate to the risk of corruption. Standard ISO 37001 is a flexible tool that provides a systemic approach to preventing and combatting corruption, embracing the characteristic Plan – Do – Check – Act methodology of management systems. ISO 37001 certification offers additional confirmation of Prelios Integra’s commitment in this area, already boasting the highest level of acknowledgement – 3 stars – awarded by Italy’s Antitrust Authority (AGCM) for the Legality Rating, a synthetic indicator of compliance with high standards of legality offered to companies that apply for it.

Nicolò Tarantino, CEO of Prelios Integra, comments: "Growing awareness of the damage caused to the economy by corruption has prompted the definition and adoption of tools and strategies for preventing the risk and effects of corruption. Prelios Integra is one of the first companies in our industry to comply with the standards and processes required under ISO 37001. With this certification, in addition to the Antitrust Authority’s top Legality Rating, Prelios Integra offers new added value for its customers and the industry."

The adoption of a management system pursuant to the UNI ISO 37001 standard will also increase the effectiveness of tools for combatting corruption by integrating with the systems the company has in place, such as the Risk Management Organisational Model under Legislative Decree 231/2001.