Prelios Integra: conservation intervention completed for buildings B / C of Collegio San Carlo in Central Milan

Milan, 14 February 2018 – Prelios Integra, a member company of the Prelios Group and a leader in the integrated real estate services sector, oversaw the conservation intervention carried out on the building complex of Milan’s Collegio San Carlo, located in the heart of the city between Corso Magenta, via Zenale, via San Vittore and via Morozzo della Rocca.
Collegio San Carlo is a historical private Catholic school founded in 1869, which has been inextricably linked with the City of Milan from its beginnings. The establishment welcomes students of a variety of age groups, from preschool to primary and secondary school, and then finishing at high school. The college’s entire architectural complex is listed by the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape.
The Engineering and Project Management Department of Prelios Integra worked on the conservation and restructuring process of buildings B and C of the Collegio San Carlo building complex.
As well as strengthening the two buildings, the intervention also involved installing a covered walkway canopy connecting the blocks of buildings, restyling the courtyards, and restoring and organizing the Church. The buildings now function as administrative offices, accommodation quarters, and host two of Collegio San Carlo’s laboratories.
The overall intervention carried out on the historical complex requires a second phase in which the underground levels of another building, Palazzo Busca Arconati Visconti, will be redeveloped. The building has been the residence of the Busca family since the 16th century and the site of Collegio San Carlo since 1869.
The intervention work, carried out in close cooperation with the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, is one of the most noteworthy in Milan in recent times,” said Gianni Armas, Prelios Integra’s Head of Technical Services & Technical Director. “For Collegio San Carlo, we set ourselves the goal of structurally strengthening and making a 19th century building functional, whilst maintaining all the historical and artistic features of a listed structure.” The intervention work required a multidisciplinary approach: “Prelios Integra has a top-quality team and track record, qualified to take on projects of this scale, and it is thanks to them that this work, involving city planners, restorers, architects, engineers, structural engineers and installers, has been completed. This multidisciplinary approach is what Prelios Integra managed and made full use of, adhering to the best project management standards,” concluded Armas.
Completing the restoration of the former nunnery at via Zenale n. 8 has been a great source of pride for us,” said Father Alberto Torriani, dean of Collegio San Carlo. “This is a property of exceptional historical and artistic value that we can now open to our students and our community, thanks to the outstanding redevelopment work carried out that has given a new character and function to the space, a marriage of distinction and innovation that fully respects the building’s listed status for its artistic value.