Prelios Integra: completion of Parco della Torre environmental and urban regeneration project

Prelios Integra (Prelios Group), the leading provider of integrated Real Estate services in Italy, has completed the environmental and urban regeneration project for the Parco della Torre park (formerly Parco delle Magnolie) in Milan's Bicocca district.

The official opening of the Parco della Torre was held on Friday September 28. Those present included the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, and Pierfrancesco Maran, Milan City Counselor responsible for Town Planning, Parks & Agriculture.

The Prelios Integra Project Management division acted as project manager, works and remediation director, and coordinated operational safety, on behalf of the Lambda S.r.l. company, which created the park under the terms of an infrastructure-cost deduction agreement.

“We are very proud to have been involved in an initiative that has created a new park for all Milan residents,” said Nicolò Tarantino, CEO of Prelios Integra. “The project was developed in close cooperation with all the parties who took part. As Project Manager, Prelios Integra coordinated the various stages to guarantee on-time and on-budget delivery, confirming its professional knowhow in the management of important contracts.”

The park is a new area covering 19,000 square meters located on a former industrial site in the Bicocca district between Viale Sarca, Via Ansaldo, Via Chiese and Via Von Hayek.

The result of an extensive redevelopment of an abandoned site in a state of disrepair, the new Parco della Torre is now accessible to everyone, and equipped with high-quality sports facilities. It also has an area for dogs, a basketball court, a skate park and a 4,000 sq.m children's playground with anti-trauma rubber flooring and recreational equipment.