Prelios Integra awarded contract to provide management support services for Enel X worksites

Prelios Integra, the Prelios Group company that manages properties for large public and private real estate players, has been awarded the contract to supply support services for the management of Enel X worksites.

The twelve-month agreement, renewable for an additional 12 months, covers the North-West and Central Italy lots of the worksites.

Through the agreement, Prelios Integra – the leader in Property Management in Italy with more than 8.2 million square meters of assets under management – joins the Enel X “Vivi Meglio” [live better] project, an energy and seismic redevelopment program set up to improve the energy efficiency, technology and safety of Italian properties.

Through specific inspection and control activities completed by the requisite document registrations, Prelios Integra will be responsible for ensuring perfect process integration and for completing the initiative in full compliance with the current legislation governing tax bonuses. By becoming involved in the sequence of internal and external checks already envisaged in civil construction, it will support – and strengthen – the activities traditionally performed during construction work.

Nicolò Tarantino, CEO of Prelios Integra: “With this agreement, Prelios Integra becomes a primary partner of Enel X, providing all its expertise in support of the most important, innovative and stimulating challenge in the upgrading of residential buildings through activities to improve energy efficiency, seismic safety and modernize technology.”