Prelios Group: the Prestigious Leed Green Building Certification Awarded to a Property Owned by “Primo RE” Real Estate Fund

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Milan, 22 March 2017Prelios Group announces that the property in Milan, Via Silvio Pellico 4, the place of Hotel Room Mate Giulia, has received the “LEED Gold” certification.

The property is owned by Primo RE real estate fund managed by Prelios SGR S.p.A., the real estate fund managing company of Prelios Group with assets under management in the approx. amount of Euro 4 billion.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system, developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), is the most prestigious program that awards prizes to facilities and buildings designed, built and managed to improve environmental performance, thus protecting human health.

The property at Via Silvio Pellico 4, situated at the heart of the Milan city center, is a prestigious building for tourist/hospitality uses leased to the international hotel chain Room Mate Hotels. The building has received the “LEED Gold” certification thanks to the realization of practical and measurable solutions implemented according to a strategy of sustainable development of the building, water saving, energy efficiency and selection of materials aimed at protecting the quality of the environment.

To achieve such important objectives, Prelios SGR was aided by Prelios Integra S.p.A., which carried out project management activities at the work site for the renovation of the building and which still carries out property and building management activities.

Andrea Cornetti - Prelios SGR’s General Manager – said that: «The work behind an innovative development project such as the one at Via Silvio Pellico 4, in Milan, is a good example of Prelios Sgr’s commitment to participate in the in-depth transformation presently occurring in the real estate sector, with special regard to the way in which buildings are designed, built and managed. The LEED certification is a milestone in the completion of the real estate valorization process pursued by the Company».

Mahesh Ramanujam USGBC’s Chairman and CEO – said that: «The building project of Via Silvio Pellico 4, in Milan, incorporates all the LEED certification values. LEED success is guaranteed by the support of those who are committed to green building and environmental sustainability advancement. Each new LEED certification is a step forward in the revolution of the environment in which we live, work and act».