Prelios Agency: marketing engagement for Corso Europa 18 in Milan

Prelios Agency, a Prelios Group company specialized in real estate consultancy and advisory, has been engaged by Kryalos Sgr to market the office space in the prestigious office building at Corso Europa 18 in Milan.

The Europa18 building was designed by architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Agostino Agostini, whose names are associated with some of the most interesting architecture created in Milan in the 1950s and 1960s.

The office space in question consists of an overall surface area of approximately 4,500 sq.m from the ground floor to the third floor. The premises will be available from the end of 2020 on completion of the redevelopment project by the D2U architectural practice to improve the quality of the existing space and create new conditions of use in light of the new requirements of the business world.

Mauro Fiori, Director of Institutional Leasing at Prelios Agency, said: “The prestige of the building and the location, together with the flexibility of the spaces and the possibility to create a number of exclusive entrances to the offices, mark the Corso Europa 18 building out as a rarity in Milan's Duomo-Central Business District.”