Prelios Agency to market a Valtur S.p.A. portfolio under the winding-up procedure

Milan, June 23, 2020Prelios Agency, a Prelios Group company specialized in real estate advisory and consultancy, has been appointed on an exclusive basis by the Court of Trapani to market a real estate portfolio of the Valtur S.p.A. company, which is currently being wound up.

The portfolio consists of two tourist villages for a total of approximately 700 rooms, in Favignana and Capo Rizzuto, which have not been operating since the second half of 2018; and a property in Santa Croce Camerina in the Sicilian province of Ragusa, on which the development of a new village had been planned.

Nicola Giorgini, Director Capital Market at Prelios Agency, said: “The marketing of the buildings and land is part of the general procedure to valorize the assets of the Valtur group in connection with the winding-up procedure. This is a particularly interesting opportunity for the hospitality sector in Sicily and Calabria, two regions with a strong vocation for tourism, given the significant value a relaunch of the properties would bring to the local economies.”

In executing its mandate, Prelios Agency is assisted by EY for technical activities and the promotion of the initiative.