Prelios Agency: Advisor for Venfil and Zte in important real estate transactions in Milan and Rome

Milan, 11 July 2017 Prelios Agency acted as advisor for Venfil in the acquisition of a detached property of about 2,000 sq.m. in via Filippetti, Milan, in the Porta Romana area, and was given the same role by ZTE, the Chinese telecommunications giant, in the expansion of 1,500 additional sq.m. of leased office space at the current headquarters of ZTE in Via Laurentina 455, in the EUR business district of Rome.

The property acquired by Venfil, intended to become the new Milan headquarters of a famous fashion house, will be renovated from top to bottom.

The property in Via Laurentina 455 is a modern business centre, recently renovated with a double skin façade. It meets the highest architectural and technological standards, with efficient and prestigious office spaces, embodying the ideas of environmental sustainability and energy saving.

Mauro Fiori, Head of Institutional Leasing at Prelios Agency, declared: “We are proud of the results we have achieved. This reestablishes Prelios Agency as one of the most important players in the reference markets. In addition, these two transactions show our ability to help both national and foreign investors in their search for significant real estate opportunities in Italy.”