Prelios acquires control of Business Support’s loan & facility agency and monitoring division

Milan, August 03, 2021 – Prelios S.p.A. and Business Support S.p.A. have finalized an agreement for the sale of control of Business Support’s loan & facility agency and monitoring division. The new company will be named Prelios Credit Agent and will be led by Roberto di Lauro as General Manager.

The acquisition confirms Prelios’ growth strategy in business areas adjacent to its own core activities by means of selective acquisitions and a buy-to-build approach.

Through the business arm being sold to Prelios, Business Support acts as an authorized agent for banks and financial institutions on financial restructuring agreements, syndicated loans and structured finance. It also guarantees a wide range of services for operating process management and coordination of relations between companies, investment funds and financial institutions. These activities have important synergies with Prelios’ core business – UTP management in particular – and will fuel significant revenue growth.

Specifically, Prelios Credit Agent will complete Prelios’ range of activities and competences in distressed credit management, thereby strengthening its positioning as nationwide leader in Italy. The intention is for Prelios Credit Agent to establish itself as a key partner for lenders and investors monitoring restructuring plans. From this perspective, Prelios’ leadership in UTP management and presence at restructuring negotiations is clearly synergetic.

“The professional expertise and competences developed by Business Support in loan & facility agency and monitoring are a distinctive factor on the market,” commented Fabio Panzeri, Servicing and Operations General Manager at the Prelios Group. “With this experience and the platform Prelios can provide for UTP management, Prelios Credit Agent aims to rapidly become a reference for banks and investors and achieve significant growth in its main business indicators over the next few years.”

Business Support CEO Andrea Silvello added: “We know that the Prelios Group will provide important synergies and competences to drive the growth of the business. We are excited and proud to be taking this vital step. Roberto di Lauro, who has been at my side in the development of the activity right from the start, will lead the new company and ensure the continuity of relations with our clients and stakeholders.”