J-Invest buys € 8.4 million NPL portfolio on BlinkS from a leading international investor

J-Invest, an investment company specialized in management of distressed loans admitted to insolvency proceedings, has acquired a portfolio of unsecured corporate credits for a nominal value of 8.4 million euro from one of the largest international investors operating on the Italian market.

The purchase, transacted on the BlinkS digital NPL trading platform developed and managed by Prelios Innovation, provides further confirmation of the role BlinkS has come to play on the NPL market, as the platform on which a series of unsecured and mortgage-based portfolios from the primary and the secondary markets has been traded in recent weeks.

J-Invest CEO Jacopo Di Stefano said: “Our objective is to acquire between 500 million and one billion euro of gross credits by the end of 2021, in line with our strategy for continuous growth. We are happy that the purchase was negotiated on BlinkS, demonstrating our excellent relationship with the Prelios Group and the efficiency of their innovative digital platform, the leading marketplace today for distressed loan trading.”

Prelios Innovation CEO Gabriella Breno said: “We are delighted this transaction on BlinkS has been completed. As the first deal relating to an unsecured corporate portfolio, it reflects the growing diversification of our activities and the spread of the BlinkS platform among industry players: Sellers, Buyers and now BlinkS Partners too. The Seller on this transaction joined BlinkS recently and is one of the main international investors active on the Italian market as both a Seller and a Buyer.” The platform, added Gabriella Breno, “continues to grow, to innovate and, above all, to meet the needs of our clients and our BlinkS Partners: in short, it is the only market platform for the market operating in Italy.”