Iren and Prelios Integra set up a partnership for energy upgrades on private buildings

Iren Smart Solutions, a company in the Iren Group, and Prelios Integra, a Prelios Group company, have signed a framework agreement for collaboration in energy upgrades for small private buildings, with a special focus on the development of activities qualifying for the incentives available under Italy's ‘Recovery Decree’.

The collaboration between the two market leaders is one of the best responses today to the needs of owners of single-family properties who want to improve their home's energy efficiency, providing a complete high-quality service that is effective and fast, indispensable requirements for assessing supplier reliability.

Through its subsidiaries Iren Smart Solutions and Iren Mercato, the Iren Group offers end-to-end solutions covering every commercial, technical and administrative aspect of projects.

Significant synergies exist between the Iren Group's operations and Prelios Integra’s capabilities and experience in worksite planning and management for the realization of construction projects throughout Italy, making a high level of scalability possible in the ability to respond to customer needs.

Prelios Integra is the Prelios Group company active in property management for large public and private real estate operators. The Prelios Group is one of the largest players in alternative asset management and specialized real estate services in Italy and Europe, with 40+ billion Euro of assets under management

Together, Iren and Prelios Integra offer a complete range of services for turnkey energy upgrades of buildings, from professional consultancy to execution of work and full management of the administrative process leading to the transfer of the client’s tax credit. The benefit, which can be extended to a broad range of projects eligible for the 110% superbonus, allows projects to be organized without any financial outlay by the client and the immediate recovery of the entire deductible amount admitted for tax deduction, conventionally envisaged over 5 years.

The agreement between the two partners is valid throughout Italy; to date, it covers management of more than 200 projects distributed around the country, on which work has already begun, enabling significant energy efficiency targets to be achieved, with annual savings of more than 500 tonnes of energy equivalent from the end of 2021.

Gianluca Bufo, CEO of Iren Luce, Gas e Servizi, commented: “The 110% superbonus is an economic measure of extraordinary significance, not just as regards the exceptionally high rate but also because it has the potential to steer Italy toward real sustainable development. This is an area where we want to play a leading role in the country, with an offer whose added value is the core focus on the client. We offer our services as general contractor for end-to-end project management, from planning to execution and transfer of the tax credit. At every stage, we guarantee quality of the highest level. Prelios Integra is the ideal partner, amplifying our ability to create value for each step, especially at national level.”

“We are very satisifed with the agreement being rolled out,” said Prelios Integra CEO Nicolò Tarantino. “Through this collaboration, our first with Iren Smart Solutions, Prelios Integra consolidates its leadership not only in core property management services, but also in the delivery of specialized professional services, confirming its status as an ideal partner offering high technical content for clients’ specific requirements in the management and enhancement of their real estate assets.”