Gian Claudio Casella elected director of the F.I.M.A.A. of Milan, Monza and Brianza

Milan, 06 february 2018 Gian Claudio Casella, Head of Residential at Prelios Agency, a company that forms part of the Prelios Group and is one of the leading Italian operators in real estate brokerage, was elected director of the governing bodies of the F.I.M.A.A. Milano, Monza e Brianza (the Milan, Monza and Brianza Italian Federation of Agents and Brokers) for the 2017-2021 period.

F.I.M.A.A. Milano, Monza e Brianza is the oldest and most important brokers’ association of the Milan and Monza Brianza provinces, and was founded in 1945. The association brings together and represents 2,000 real estate, credit, corporate and commodity brokerage businesses, with more than 5,000 operators in its area, and also is the Provincial Association of FIMAA Italy with the most members.

A member of Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia (Italian General Federation of Commerce), the Federation represents the entire brokerage industry, including real estate agents, commodity brokers, credit brokers, financial agents, and agents of other miscellaneous services, and works in Italy and Europe for their trade union protection and professional growth.