Galleria Alberto Sordi, an asset of the Megas Fund managed by Prelios SGR, hosts “Roma2123”: eight maxi-works created with artificial intelligence that imagine rome 100 years from now

Rome, April 27, 2023 – A new dual installation welcomes visitors and city residents to the iconic aisles of the Galleria Alberto Sordi, Rome’s historic “drawing room” owned by the Megas Fund (an Italian real estate alternative investment fund for professional investors) and managed by Prelios SGR, one of Italy’s leading asset managers and part of the Prelios Group.

People coming into the Galleria from its three entrances can visit the Roma2123 exhibition, a mixture of dreams and visions, which looks ahead to the city 100 years from now.

A collection of eight maxi-works based on human input and produced with the assistance of artificial intelligence, which, starting from text descriptions, creates visual reproductions: letters and words are reprocessed online by the algorithm to form a unique new image, where the artist’s creativity and lexical elements generate the final result.

The gigantographs take visitors into scenes of future daily life, where architecture and technology will help the individual make a concrete contribution to an increasingly sustainable world.

The installation imagines an urban mobility that respects the environment, stimulates people and operates in harmony with the city, which is interpreted in intriguing projects for tree-lined cycle paths and overhead walkways for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Rome of the future will also establish a balance between architecture and nature: buildings with a strong aesthetic impact, defined by dense vegetation that makes them the “green lungs” of the city.

The journey proceeds from the buildings to the stores that will exist 100 years hence, with experience providing the guide for a more aware form of shopping combining glamor and ecology, with the stores as innovative story platforms, and the client the protagonist of realistic or imaginary worlds, thanks to highly engaging installations.

The nightlife too will be greener and in touch with nature, as represented by the bubble restaurants imagined in this exhibition.

The second installation focuses on some hoardings around the Galleria redevelopment worksite, which provide visitors and residents with an opportunity to find out more about the goals and expected results of the work as it gradually prepares the Galleria to house new commercial spaces.

The modernization project is particularly suitable for an interesting account, since it has been conceived as a redevelopment of an urban location that highlights the Galleria’s architectural and historic value and returns it to the city as a re-styled and re-functionalized meeting place for residents and retailers, who will soon begin to populate it with clients from Rome and elsewhere.

One of Rome's symbolic locations aims to become not just an attractive modern shopping mall, compliant with the top sustainability standards, but also a landmark for the city and its inhabitants, an ideal location in which to organize and attend cultural and art events, so returning the building to its original role as the Capital's historic “drawing room”.

The installations and the “Roma2123” exhibition were designed, curated and produced by Arkage (Artattack Group S.r.l.).

The promotion and marketing of the premises in the Galleria Alberto Sordi to potential tenants is handled by Dils, a leading real estate company with a team of more than 200 professionals in Milan, Rome and Amsterdam, which is conducting an internationalization program, and Savills, a leading real estate consultancy listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:SVS), which employs more than 40,000 professionals around the world.