Focus Investments e Prelios Integra S.p.A. chose design by Architects for Malaspina Espansione site in Pioltello

Milan, 31 October 2017 – A jury formed by Prelios Integra S.p.A., Focus Investments and Trixia has named Architects the winner of the design idea competition for the Malaspina Expansion area in Pioltello.


The competition was announced in April by Prelios Integra S.p.A. on behalf of Trixia S.r.l., the real-estate company that owns the Malaspina Expansion area in Pioltello, Milan, whose assets are managed by Focus Investments S.p.A.


The goal pursued by the competition, in which many leading architecture and design firms participated, was to translate the urban vision for the Malaspina area development plan into architectural terms. In particular, participants were asked to prepare a master plan for completing the area, compliant with urban planning and regulatory constraints, with the goal of ensuring the continuity and unity of the various lots to be developed, with a preference for design choices that contribute to meeting the needs for greater energy efficiency, reduced pollution and environmental impact and higher quality of space, within the framework of an approach that aims for a more sustainable future.


The area subject to the competition extends over 712,000 m² and has been divided into three lots, one of which, Lot 3, zoned for residential use only, has already been fully completed. The master plans were thus to focus on completing Lot 1, zoned solely for service businesses, and Lot 2, to be fully developed according to a unitary scheme, while still being easy to split in order to ensure stepwise construction and marketing.


The winning design by Architects re-interprets the Milan city block by adapting it to the Malaspina site's rural history. The design proposal features various green buildings which facilitate the lives of residents while ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. The various materials and shapes used preserve the essence and benefits of city living, immersed in the surrounding natural environment.


Lot 1 calls for the construction of two buildings intended for use by service businesses and urban features such as parks, sidewalks, green areas and networks of sub-services, all tucked away in the dense woods that cover the whole area. The buildings in Lot 2, inspired by the typical Milanese model, form a system of four open courtyards showcasing very different characteristics and materials. The design of the green areas is based on reworked versions of typical features of the landscape in Lombardy, such as irrigation channels, vine rows, fruit groves and vegetable gardens.


This innovative design concept represents an attempt to instil a new sensitivity towards the natural environment, a reconciliation of the urban lifestyle and living immersed in nature, with a preference for progressive environmental policies, protection of biodiversity and local traits.


Nicolò Tarantino, Managing Director of Prelios Integra S.p.A. commented: “We are satisfied with the results and high level of proposals that were submitted to us in the competition for the Malaspina Evolution area in Pioltello. The combination of environmental and economic sustainability, part of the culture of Prelios Integra, has been magnificently interpreted by Architects. The master plans that we received are all based on very high-level ideas consistent with the contest's objectives. The very strength of the ideas submitted thus made it very difficult to evaluate the designs. In our opinion, the solution proposed by Architects represents the best approach to completing the area and fully embodies the spirit of the competition.”


The competition has thus achieved the goal pursued by Focus Investments in its role as asset manager to Trixia, i.e. optimal development of the assets in portfolio. The design firms submitted extremely interesting ideas from this perspective. Their contributions will enable a new chapter in the history of the Malaspina area, which will thus be developed in full harmony with the surrounding environment, while permitting residential and commercial solutions of a very high level of quality.