Prelios Immobilien Management a Expo Real 2017

Munich (Germany), 4 October 2017Prelios Immobilien Management GmbH, the German Prelios Group company specialising in the strategic and operational management of commercial properties and complexes, is at Expo Real, the international Real Estate fair, considered to be the largest B2B gathering in Europe, being held in Munich, Bavaria, from 4 to 6 October 2017.


With more than 1,900 exhibitors from 35 countries (a marked growth compared with the 2016 edition, attended by 1,768 exhibitors from 29 nations), Expo Real 2017 is an extremely important showcase for Prelios Immobilien Management, one of the main players operating in Germany, which manages around 1.4 billion euros of assets and approximately 700,000 m2 of spaces.


Success stories have emerged from the portfolio managed by Prelios Immobilien Management, such as the LAGO shopping centre in Costanza, which, in 2017, was again given first place in the Shoppingcenter Performance Report Deutschland, having also come first in the classification previously in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


The Shoppingcenter Performance Report survey analyses the satisfaction levels of commercial companies operating in the 400 shopping centres present in the German territory with a surface area greater than 10,000 metres squares. It is published by the market research company Ecostra GmbH in collaboration with the magazines Immobilien Zeitung and Textilwirtschaft.


Over the last few days, more than 150 guests including politicians and local institutions also attended the celebration of the start of work on the Husum Shopping Center, a new shopping centre the development project for which is managed by Prelios Immobilien management GmbH. The new commercial structure in Husum, the northern German city in Schleswig-Holstein, will be completed in spring/summer 2019 and covers a surface area of 12,000 m2 consisting of spaces to be leased.