Prelios Agency: Fabio Cappatti appointed Network Agent

Milan, 9 January 2018 Prelios Agency, a company in the Prelios Group and one of Italy’s leading real estate brokers, is strengthening its management team with the addition of Fabio Cappatti as Network Agent for Network Transactions.

At Serenissima SGR S.p.A. since 2010, Fabio Cappatti was Fund Manager for the Real Stone and Real Est I funds as well as for the Consap S.p.A. portfolio of the Sansovino Fund. In 2014 he took personal charge of the Consap portfolio with over 600 properties and day-to-day management of the Real Stone added value fund with significant development initiatives, a number of important properties under management in the Veneto Region and several step-by-step disposals. After January 2016 he headed the financial restructuring of the Real Est I Fund, the first fund with negative NAV managed by Serenissima SGR.

Previously he had numerous roles in the real estate sector for companies in the A4 Holding Group, specifically Serenissima Servizi Immobiliari for Property and Facility Management and briefly at Serenissima Trading.