Tecla Fondo Uffici - Divestment of the Fund’s Residual Property Portfolio

As regards the divestment of the residual property portfolio of "Tecla - Fondo Uffici" (the "Fund"), it was announced that, as part of the current negotiations with the two potential buyers - as announced in the press releases on 9 and 28 February 2017 – the Board of Directors of Prelios SGR S.p.A. (referred to as "SGR") is considering the possibility of selling the residual properties of the Fund in two sub-portfolios, in order to maximise the total consideration resulting from the divestment.

In this context, the Board meeting held today, acknowledged the binding purchase offer received from one of the potential buyers for part of the remaining properties of the Fund, adjourning all and any decisions on acceptance thereof to future Board meetings, pending the overall definition of the divestment of the entire Fund’s residual property portfolio.

The Board of Directors will in any case continue to evaluate other initiatives in the interests of the Fund’s investors.

The SGR will provide the market with updates of every future development surrounding the divestment of the Fund’s residual property portfolio. All the required information is available on the dedicated website www.fondotecla.com.