Standard & Poor's confirms an “above average” rating and “stable” outlook for Prelios Credit Servicing

Milan, 13 August 2018 - Prelios Credit Servicing (PRECS), an independent institutional Company supervised by Prelios Group, that specialises in non-performing loans, was rated by S&P Global Ratings as ABOVE AVERAGE not only as special servicer of residential and business mortgages but also as a master servicer of residential and business mortgages and unsecured credits.

S&P Global Ratings also confirmed “stableoutlook for Prelios Credit Servicing as master and special servicer.

S&P appreciated that PRECS is part of Prelios Group and may therefore use the real estate expertise and services of the Group, above all its real estate valuation, management and brokerage services, as well as its ability to provide and deal with a substantial growth of the business focusing on management and staff.